Manufacturing Business Initiatives

Basic Policy

The Sumitomo Forestry Group promotes responsible procurement activities while working with procurement suppliers through the manufacturing business in efforts such as sustainability procurement surveys and on-site field surveys for not only domestic timber in Japan but also hardwood from North America, and plantation timber from New Zealand and Indonesia.

We encourage the use of certified timber and plantation materials for new raw materials during raw material procurement and promote suppliers to understand and practice the Sumitomo Forestry Group Procurement Policy for raw materials currently in use. These efforts promote procurement of legal and sustainable raw materials.

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Promoting Sustainable Timber Procurement

Kutai Timber Indonesia (KTI), a production site in Indonesia, has been working to build a system for sustainable forest management in cooperation with local plantation cooperative associations to heighten the ratio of plantation timber used as raw materials.

KTI also began reforestation with fast-growing trees such as Falcata (Albizia falcataria) in 1999. With the system of "social forestry", KTI has aimed to support the environment, community and economy by distributing seedlings to local residents for free to plant on the lands they own and promises to purchase timber when the trees are mature at its market value. In addition, the KTI Reforestation Cooperative supported by KTI (KBM KTI)* has acquired the FSC-FM certification for forests owned by KTI (KAM-KTI)*.

In the future, KTI will strive to expand the manufacture and sales of products with high environmental value by expanding the area of certified forests and procuring sustainable timber in order to fulfill the requirements of many of our business partners.

* KAM KTI: FSC-C023796, KBM KTI: FSC-C133562

View of Plantation Forest

View of Plantation Forest

Use of Sustainable Timber

Sinar Rimba Pasifik uses sustainable timber that takes into consideration the environment and at the same time, manufactures high-quality wood interior materials (floors, stairs, counters, etc.) of a consistent design and supplies products primarily for Sumitomo Forestry Home houses. The timber used as the main raw material procured for these products is solely sustainable timber and we encourage the use of plantation timber.

In fiscal 2020, approximately 70% of our overall timber used was imported from North America, and all of the imported timber from North America is certified timber from member companies of the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), which promote sustainable forest management, or Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB). The remaining timber procured is plantation timber from Indonesia (Perum Perhutani), all of which are materials that have received SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) certification.

We will continue to pursue sustainable timber and manufacture and sell high-value-added products that use verified as legal and sustainable timber.

Timber Storage Warehouse

Timber Storage Warehouse

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