Energy Used in Business Activities and the Adoption of Renewable Energy

The Sumitomo Forestry Group consumed 2,848,460MWh* of energy in 2020. The energy consumption of the Group increased during fiscal 2016 to 2017 due to the start of trail and full-fledge operations of the Mombetsu Biomass Power Generation and Hachinohe Biomass Power Generation Businesses.

The start of full operations at the Hachinohe Biomass Power Generation Plant in April 2018 stopped a dramatic amount of the rise in energy consumption. The power consumption in fiscal 2020 was on par with that during the previous fiscal year. The energy consumption in business other than the power generation business has declined by various energy-saving activities. In 2020, total renewable energy accounted for about 74.1% of our group energy usage.

* The Balance of Input & Output is calculated according to the TJ unit based on the Environmental Reporting Guidelines issued by the Ministry of the Environment. Both are equivalently calculated for the amount of energy consumption.

Energy Consumption Trends Over Past Four Years

Energy Consumption Trends Over Past Four Years

*1 Data for Alpine MDF Industries Ltd. has been excluded because the company was sold in March 2017

*2 The period of data collected for fiscal 2020 is from January to December 2020 while the period of data for emissions collected in the previous years was from April to March

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