Environmental Management

Sumitomo Forestry Group's Environmental Management

Sumitomo Forestry Group's Environmental Management

The Sumitomo Forestry Group advocates contributions to the realization of a sustainable society in its Corporate Philosophy. The Group established its Environmental Philosophy in 1994 and Group-wide Environmental Policy in 2000.

Moreover, in 2015, the Group has initiated the Sumitomo Forestry Group Environmental Policy, bringing together the Environmental Philosophy, the Environmental Policy, the Sumitomo Forestry Group Declaration of Biodiversity, and the Sumitomo Forestry Group's Biodiversity Action Guidelines. The Environmental Policy applies to the product life cycle and all business processes from product and service development, design and manufacturing to material procurement, distribution, waste management, supplier and partner selection, new project launches, mergers, and acquisitions in all businesses of the Sumitomo Forestry Group to promote businesses that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

A sustainability procurement survey is conducted for the selection and evaluation of suppliers based on the Sumitomo Forestry Group Environmental Policy to assess risks from both environmental and social perspectives in each business when launching new businesses as well as in mergers and acquisitions.

To share and raise awareness of Environmental Policy among Group employees, they are reflected in employee handbooks, on the website and posters, etc. as well as read at new employee training sessions, ISO 14001 internal environmental auditor training courses and departmental meetings. The environmental Policy are also posted in meeting rooms, and the environmental approach of the Sumitomo Forestry Group has been shared with business partners.

Sumitomo Forestry Group Code of Conduct applies to not just the Group enterprises but also to the supply chain. The Code of Conduct drives coexistence with the environment and clarifies the approach to advance efforts toward the environment, including all of the business partners of Sumitomo Forestry Group.

We formulated the Mid-Term Environmental Management Plan (fiscal 2010 to 2014) with specific numerical targets for the first time in fiscal 2009 as environmental goals and established the Mid-Term CSR Management Plan (fiscal 2015 to 2020) that includes environmental targets in fiscal 2014. The plan was incorporated into CSR budget as concrete numerical targets for each fiscal year and environmental activities have been steadily enhanced through implementation of the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle at each organization.

In May 2019, we have announced the Sumitomo Forestry Group 2021 Mid-Term Management Plan (fiscal 2019 to 2021). As one of four basic policies, the Mid-Term CSR Management Plan (fiscal 2015 to 2020) was revised to promote the integration of business and ESG efforts in addition to the formulation of non-financial targets as Mid-Term Sustainability Targets.

In addition, in 2022, Sumitomo Forestry established Mission TREEING 2030, a long-term vision that integrates a long-term business framework to realize a decarbonized society and Sumitomo Forestry Group's ideal state, towards the goal year for of 2030 for the SDGs. We have also unveiled “Mission TREEING 2030 Phase 1” (2022-2024), a three-year Mid-Term Management Plan that will build the groundwork for future growth and decarbonization. As "Further integration of business operations and ESG" is one of the five basic policies, we set Medium-Term Management Plan Sustainability 2024 which includes the sustainability strategy as well as nine newly identified material issues. We will improve our environmental management based on this target.

Sumitomo Forestry Group Environmental Policy

Through our experience nurturing forests since our founding, Sumitomo Forestry Group has learned to appreciate the wonders of wood and the importance of nature. As a corporate entity with a close affinity to nature, we will pursue business activities that balance both environmental and economic interests and contribute to a sustainable society.

  1. Develop business operations centered on wood and forests
    We will cultivate forests and their ability to preserve and enhance the rich ecosystem to protect biodiversity, actively utilize timber resources and create new corporate value.
  2. Develop and offer environmentally conscious products and services
    We will develop and sell products and services that are environmentally conscious throughout the entire product lifecycle.
  3. Minimize and improve environmental impact
    To minimize and improve environmental impact, we will employ procurement practices that prevent environmental pollution and climate change and promote the effective utilization of natural resources.
  4. Ensure strict legal compliance
    We will adhere to all environmental laws, rules and regulations, global standards, voluntary standards and accords with stakeholders.
  5. Make continual improvements to our environmental management system
    We will accurately access environment-related risks associated with our business activities and with a mid-to-long-term outlook, set and work to fulfill yearly environment goals. In addition, we will regularly evaluate our environmental management system and make continual improvements.
  6. Promote environmental education
    We will provide environmental education for all parties involved in Sumitomo Forestry Group's business operations and encourage voluntary environmental efforts.
  7. Pursue active communication
    We will actively disclose information about our environmental policy and initiatives and pursue activities that convey the wonders of trees and forests and the importance of nature.

President and Representative Director Toshiro Mitsuyoshi