Safety and Quality of Products and Services

Product and Service Safety as well as the Quality Management

Basic Policy

The Sumitomo Forestry Group will pursue “Zero Defects” and take on the challenge of new initiatives through the implementation of the Sumitomo Forestry Group Quality Policy, a policy for further improving quality in its corporate activities, in order to provide products and services that bring joy to our customers and earn their trust.

All Sumitomo Forestry Group companies and business partners involved in the Group's operations, are required to routinely engage in quality improvement activities as the foundation of corporate management in line with this policy.

The policy reflects the expectations of stakeholders for quality improvement, which were gathered through a questionnaire survey of Group employees on their quality values and activities, as well as interviews with executives, general managers, and major business partners.

In addition to disclosing this policy on the website, we also use various tools to promote understanding and penetration of the policy, such as posting it on posters and including it in the employee handbook.

Sumitomo Forestry Group Quality Policy

Through the pursuit of "ZERO DEFECTS" and the implementation of new initiatives, the Sumitomo Forestry Group seeks to provide reliable products and services that bring joy to our customers.

  1. Full employee participation in quality enhancement
    All employees of our Group operations shall consciously strive to enhance quality with an understanding that our products and services must be of the highest standards.
  2. Improving customer satisfaction
    We shall identify quality risks and continuously refine processes and rules to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Thorough compliance
    We shall fulfill customer expectations and strictly comply with all applicable laws, regulations, voluntary standards and other rules.
  4. Promoting digitalization and labor-saving measures
    To respond to rapidly changing societal structures, we shall actively promote digitalization and the implementation of labor-saving measures to reduce workloads and raise quality.
  5. Developing human resources who will maintain and enhance quality
    Through educational programs related to maintaining and enhancing quality, we shall ensure that our know-how, which is our asset, is passed on to the next generation.
  6. Promoting active communication
    We shall effectively utilize our structures and systems to actively pursue communication with our customers and all other stakeholders.

President and Representative Director
Toshiro Mitsuyoshi

Quality Management System

Promotion System

Sumitomo Forestry and its Group companies in Japan and overseas have acquired the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and constantly enhance the quality of products and services provided to customers.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group has established Quality Control and Worker Safety Management Department as an office directly under the president strives to consistently improve product and service quality and eradicate occupational accidents. The office provides guidance and advice to the entire Group in Japan and overseas, as well as developing and strengthening the quality and occupational health and safety management system. In addition, the Sustainability Committe considers and reports on important quality issues that affect the entire Group. We conducted a survey of the current status of quality management systems at 70 Group companies in Japan and overseas in fiscal 2022, and presented the findings to the Sustainability Committee and other entities.

Implementation and Enhancement of ISO9001 Management System

The Sumitomo Forestry Group promotes the operation of the ISO9001 Quality Management System ("ISO9001") in order to provide reliable products and services and improve customer satisfaction.

Among the Sumitomo Forestry Group companies, businesses where quality control is particularly important are analyzed, prioritized, and promoted for implementation.

We recommend that ISO9001 be introduced through a Self-Conformity Declaration* before undergoing an external audit, thereby reducing the difficulty of introduction.

Departments and divisions that have acquired ISO9001 self-compliance and external certification promote the operation of the management system by conducting internal auditing on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement.

The scope of consolidated subsidiaries to be certified focuses on companies that are engaged in businesses where quality control is of high importance. In fiscal 2022, the certification rate of targeted consolidated organizations was 98.7% (based on sales).

*An ISO-based management system has been established, operated and adapted by the company

Acquisition Status of Quality Management System Certifications (ISO 9001) at Each Group Company

Group companies Country Type of certification Date acquired Date renewed
Construction Business Sub-Division, Global Housing, Construction and Real Estate Division, Sumitomo Forestry Japan ISO9001:2015 September 2015 August 2021
Sumitomo Forestry Crest Japan ISO9001:2015 March 1999 November 2022
Environmental Greenification Division, Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping Japan ISO9001:2015 September 2002 September 2020
The Agro-Products Division, Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping Japan ISO9001:2015 March 2020 December 2022
Sumitomo Forestry Home Engineering Japan ISO9001:2015 March 2006 March 2021
Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech Japan ISO9001:2015 March 2017 March 2023
Cohnan Kensetsu Japan ISO9001:2015 September 2011 March 2023
Nelson Pine Industries (NPIL) New Zealand ISO9001:2015 July 1993 July 2022
Kutai Timber Indonesia (KTI) Indonesia ISO9001:2015 September 1997 November 2022
Rimba Partikel Indonesia (RPI) Indonesia ISO9001:2015 June 2003 March 2022
AST Indonesia (ASTI) the first factory Indonesia ISO9001:2015 October 2002 October 2020
AST Indonesia (ASTI) the second factory Indonesia ISO9001:2015 January 2022 -
Vina Eco Board (VECO) Vietnam ISO9001:2015 March 2014 March 2023
Canyon Creek Cabinet (CCC) United States ISO9001:2015 August 2003 March 2022
Pan Asia Packing (PAP) Thailand ISO9001:2015 July 2018 July 2021

Acquisition Status of Product Certifications at Each Group Company

Group companies Country Type of certification Date of certification renewa
Nelson Pine Industries (NPIL) New Zealand JAS certification (LVL) June 2022
JIS certification (MDF) June 2022
CARB certification (MDF)* August 2022
EPA certification (MDF)* August 2022
Kutai Timber Indonesia (KTI) Indonesia JAS certification (Plywood, LVL, laminated engineered wood) September 2022
Q-Mark certification (door blanks) May 2022
CARB certification (PB) May 2022
EPA certification (PB) May 2022
CARB certification (plywood) December 2020
EPA certification (plywood) December 2020
CE Marking (plywood) July 2021
Rimba Partikel Indonesia (RPI) Indonesia JIS certification: (PB) March 2022
CARB certification (PB) February 2022
EPA certification (PB) February 2022
Sinar Rimba Pasifik (SRP) Indonesia JAS certification (flooring/laminated engineered wood) February 2022
Vina Eco Board (VECO) Vietnam CARB certification (PB) July 2021
EPA certification (PB) July 2021
JIS certification (PB) December 2021

*Formaldehyde emission standards for specific wood products stipulated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Awareness education in the Company

To encourage deeper awareness and understanding among Group employees, posters were delivered to all our workplaces of Sumitomo Forestry and offices and plants of Group companies in Japan and overseas, in accordance with the establishment of the Quality Policy. The slogan posters represent the president’s own opinions on occupational health and safety and quality for the Sumitomo Forestry Group as a whole. "Zero Defects" includes "Zero Defects, Zero Shortcomings, Zero Inadequacies", and it applies to all of the Group's businesses and job categories. Sumitomo Forestry Group Quality Policy is regularly disseminated to all employees through the employee handbooks, internal websites, in addition to posting policy posters in easily visible locations.

Sumitomo Forestry Group "SAFETY FIRST, ZERO DEFECTS" slogan poster

Sumitomo Forestry Group "SAFETY FIRST, ZERO DEFECTS" slogan poster

Human Resources Development

Sumitomo Forestry Group is promoting ISO9001 certification and ISO9001 "Self-Conformity Declaration." In order to develop human resources, we provide training for internal auditors, including Group employees, in addition to supporting the implementation of internal audits and training sessions for companies considering the introduction of internal audits. In FY2021, the Quality Control and Worker Safety Management Department started ISO9001 internal auditor training courses, and in FY2022, 80 employees (64 in the internal auditor qualification course and 16 in the standard explanation course) completed the courses.

In addition, a course on "Occupational Safety, Health, and Quality" was established in e-learning that can be taken by employees, including those at Group companies through the internal website. New content has been opened to promote understanding of the Sumitomo Forestry Group Quality Policy and to promote education for quality improvement. We will continue to develop and strengthen the system for quality improvement and promote quality-related human resource development initiatives.

Number of ISO9001 internal auditors in the Sumitomo Forestry Group who have obtained the qualification

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
15 135 155

*Including those who have obtained qualifications through external training

FY2022 Major Quality-Related Education (Company-Wide Education)

Title Form Purpose Object Number of people attending
What is ISO for your organization's operations?
[Course launched in August 2021]
e-learning Understand the basics of ISO management systems and link them to activities that promote the development of systems to address organizational issues and concerns. Sumitomo Forestry
Group companies (some excluded)
ISO9001 Management System
[Course launched in November 2021]
e-learning Go one step beyond the basics of ISO9001 management system and link them to activities that promote the development of systems to address organizational issues and concerns. Sumitomo Forestry
Group companies (some excluded)
What is Sumitomo Forestry Group's ZERO DEFECTS?
Know more about our quality policy!
[Course launched in July 2022]
e-learning Deepen understanding of the “Sumitomo Forestry Group Quality Policy” and improve quality with all employees working together Sumitomo Forestry
Group companies (some excluded)
You may know it, but you don't know it!?
Risk Assessment Part 1: Let's learn the basics, key points!
[Course launched in December 2022]
e-learning Learn the concepts of safety, risk, and a source of danger, and understand risk assessment Sumitomo Forestry
Group companies (some excluded)
ISO9001 Management System
Internal auditor training workshop
Group training Learn the requirements of ISO9001 (overview) and key points of internal auditing techniques with exercises to improve internal auditing skills. Sumitomo Forestry
Group companies
ISO9001 Management System
Overview training
Group training
Online training
Acquire knowledge of on-site occupational health and safety management before traveling to overseas Group companies Travelers to overseas Group companies 25*

*Cumulative total as of the end of December 2022

Improving customer satisfaction

The Customer Service Department solicits heartwarming incidents at work, words of gratitude from customers, and lessons learned from customer feedback, including those from Group companies. The winning stories, selected by employee voting, are published on the internal website. The valuable experiences of Sumitomo Forestry Group colleagues are utilized as inspiration in our efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

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