Basic Policy

All of the officers and employees of the Sumitomo Forestry Group adhere to laws and regulations, social norms of behavior and corporate regulations to act with the highest regard for ethics. We clarify fair accounting and tax practices based on accurate records in the Sumitomo Forestry Group Code of Conduct that defines basic policy when engaging in business. We also distribute this information to every employee at all Group companies worldwide. We have put in place policies for tax practices as well and strive to maintain and enhance tax compliance through efforts that include awareness raising for employees.

In addition, we have set the "Establishment of a strong business structure" as one of the Nine Material Issues of the Sumitomo Forestry Group, and are striving to link business strategies including tax affairs with sustainability strategies.

Tax Governance System

Tax affairs are one financial function of the Group led by the director in charge of financial matters. The Accounting Planning Department of Sumitomo Forestry manages tax operations and has put employees with expert knowledge in charge of tax affairs. The Corporate Planning Department at the head office also ensures proper tax handling by monitoring the progress of tax payments and tax surveys worldwide in a timely manner in addition to immediately reporting that information along with Group tax issues and other tax-related matters to the director in charge.

The Risk Management Committee that oversees the entire Group manages and monitors tax and other compliance risks as well as corporate ethics risks as material management risks.

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Initiatives Against Tax Risks

In business dealings which may present a high tax risk, we make every effort to reduce the tax risk by preparing systems for sufficient prior examination as well as requesting advice and guidance from tax experts as necessary. While the Group strives to optimize tax payment through proper effective steps to reduce tax burden, we do not engage in any tax strategies through interpretations or applications which stray from the meaning of the law. Additionally, Sumitomo Forestry does not use tax havens for tax avoidance.

Relationships with Tax Authorities

The Sumitomo Forestry Group strives to maintain favorable communication with the tax authorities and remains sincere and honest in all of our correspondences based in facts. In the event an issue is pointed out by the tax authorities, we investigate the cause of the problem immediately and take the appropriate measures to properly correct or improve the problem to prevent recurrence, except in cases involving a formal objection or appeal related to the measures or view of the tax authorities.