Business Overview

The Lifestyle Services Business is expanding a broad range of lifestyle-related services focusing on elderly care businesses in downstream businesses that support people’s lifestyles. We are making use of the experience and knowledge in creating comfortable living spaces that have been cultivated over many years in the housing business to develop a variety of services which primarily provide safe and secure living environments for seniors.

In addition to elderly care businesses, the Sumitomo Forestry Group is also involved in the VISON lodging business being developed in Taki-cho, Mie Prefecture, Japan. The joint industry, government and academia project takes advantage of local resources with the goal of advancing industry and creating jobs around the keywords of food, nature and health.

Moreover, we are also involved with insurance and other businesses with the hope of achieving a vibrant society where people can live healthy lives.

Main Business Figures (FY2020 Result)

Sumirin Fill Care

Sumirin Fill Care manages 16 private-pay elderly care facilities and other sites mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area under themes to connect people with the warmth of wood and provide elderly care services suitable for the changing times. The adoption of revolutionary systems using ICT and guidance from experts of those systems is actively advancing the use of the latest technologies at elderly care sites, such as the promotion of the original Forest Life service that maintains and betters the living environment and the health of everyone who uses these facilities.

Sumirin Care Life

Sumirin Care Life provides lifestyle support services tailored to the life stage of each resident in cooperation with various recreational facilities and medical institutes. Moreover, a substantial number of staff handles each service to achieve the most comprehensive support system. Elegano Nishinomiya which opened in May 2020 as well as four other large-scale private-pay elderly care facilities and seven stations providing home nursing care services are currently in operation.

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Promote Further Integration of Business Operations and ESG Initiatives in the Lifestyle Services Business

The rate at which Japan's population is aging continues to accelerate even after having become a super-aged society in 2010. In October 2019, the aging rate reached 28.4%*, and is estimated to exceed 30% by 2025. This rapidly advancing trend toward a super-aged society is one of the most critical societal issues Japan faces.

In an effort to expand a business that helps to solve this social issue, the Lifestyle Services Business is increasing the number of rooms added through new facility construction. The Mid-Term Sustainability Targets set a goal of increasing the number of rooms of private-pay elderly care facilities to 2,014 rooms.

* Source: Annual Report on the Aging Society, 2020 ed.

ESG Initiatives in the Lifestyle Services Business

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Sustainability Report