Environmental Report

Environmental Management

Sumitomo Forestry Group’s Environmental Management

Introduces the Sumitomo Forestry Group’s policies on environmental management.

Environmental Management Structure

Reports on the environmental management structure and the state of environmental audits.

Environmental Risk Management

Reports on known environmental risks and countermeasures to those environmental risks.

Responding to Climate Change

Responding to TCFD

Reports on the governance, strategies, risk management, indicators and targets for climate change measures.

Mitigation of Climate Change

Reports on information about the initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Adaption to Climate Change

Reports on initiatives to avoid or mitigate damage from the impact of climate change.

Energy Used in Business Activities and the Adoption of Renewable Energy

Reports on the results of energy usage and the adoption of renewable energy.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Business Activities

Reports on targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and on actual emissions from office, manufacturing and transportation activities.

Boundaries and Methods of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculation

Reports on information about the scope and methods of greenhouse gas emissions calculation.

Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management

Reports on the overall forest management of the Sumitomo Forestry Group, which plants trees, cultivates forests and continually utilizes wood.

Protecting Domestic Forest Resources

Reports on initiatives related to management of company-owned forests in Japan and forest revitalization initiatives.

Forest Management Overseas

Reports on plantation forest operations overseas and the forest management consulting business.

Utilization of Sustainable Forest Resources

Reports on policies for sustainable use of forest resources, initiatives to raise awareness, and proposals for expanding use of wood to mid- to large-scale buildings other than just housings.

Consulting Business

Reports on the Consulting Business for corporate clients and other organizations in and outside Japan, drawing on our knowledge of forest management cultivated over many years.

Reforestation Activities Contributing to the Society

Reports on “social forestry” and reforestation support activities.

Biodiversity Conservation

Policies and Targets for Biodiversity Conservation

Reports on policies and targets for preserving biodiversity.

Biodiversity Conservation in Company-Owned Forests in Japan and Plantation Forests Overseas

Reports on specific initiatives relating to biodiversity conservation in company-owned forests in Japan and plantation forests overseas.

Contributions to Eco Cities Through Greening

Reports on the ongoing contributions by the Greening Business toward Eco Cities by responding to needs for diverse greening, such as residential, landscape and environmental greening.

Taking Advantage of Nature in Residential Property Development

Reports on the residential property development that provides a better way of life to people through development of beautiful towns environments leveraging the unique characteristics of wood to find harmony with nature.

Resource Conservation and Waste Reductions

Waste Reduction and Recycling Management

Reports on the targets and results for waste generation and recycling rate as well as policies and measures for plastics.

Initiatives to Achieve Zero Emissions

Reports on initiatives aimed at expanding zero emissions and on initiatives for the proper disposal of waste.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention

Reports on emissions management methods to prevent polluting air, water, and soil as well as their results.

Efficient Use of Water Resources

Efficient Use of Water Resources

Reports on initiatives for the effective use of water and on the amounts of water consumed by Group companies in Japan and overseas.

Environmental Impact of Business Activities

Balance of Input & Output

Reports on the balance of input and output and on life cycle assessments.

Boundaries and Method of Data Aggregation (Balance of Input & Output)

Reports on the boundaries and methods for data aggregation on the balance of input and output.

Environmental Related Data

Environmental Related Data

Reports on environmental data for business activities in Japan and overseas as well as the costs and benefits of environmental protection.

Sustainability Report